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No More Damp Firewood Wood logs - hint - USE HEAT LOGS!!

You know the scene, it's mid season (say late in December) and you are getting to the end of your firewood log stash. You had a great delivery of firewood logs from your local supplier, so you order again. But unbeknown to you, your local supplier ran out of sesoned firewood logs and delivers you a trailer load of "green" (ie unseasoned) firewood.....freshly cut timber.

We have all been there, we throw a log on the fire or stove and it just takes ages to burn, it sizzles and smoulders and just will not flame like a real fire wood log.

What has happened here is that your fire is working harder to dry out the firewood log BEFORE it can even burn it and produce any heat. This is why the best firewood to burn is seasoned firewood, where the logs have sat around for at least one season and dried out to a moisture content of 20-25%.

Wood heat is rising in popularity and because of this, it is becoming more and more difficult for log suppliers to anticipate demand and they find themselves running out of firewood before the season has finished. So you are sold damp firewood. Damp firewood is not an efficient use of wood heat at all. You NEED TO BURN DRY WOOD.

The answer to this problem is to burn heat logs. They are always dry, never damp, they are regularly tested at 8/9%moisture (Stumpeys) and 6% (Chubbeys) and they burn hotter than firewood logs.

At heated by Wood, we only sell UK made heat logs, They are made from waste wood, mainly from the joinery trade and they are industrially compressed into a "briquette". The briquette is bound by the woods own lignin and there are no binders used in the process at all.



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