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We No Longer Stock Heatlogs. If you require them please go to UK Heat Logs To Discuss Your Requirements

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UK Manufactured Heat Logs And Eco Logs

Heat Logs or Eco Logs are the new "super fuel". Proper heat logs are made on an industrial scale using large scale production techniques to create quality logs that are consistent in terms of size and output. Here at Heated by Wood we have 2 premium UK made heat logs as well as fuel packs, firewood, fire gel and kindling.....


Heat Logs

Our Super Premium Heat Log, Very Long Lasting Burn, No Spitting, Low Ash And Great Output


Chubbeys Heat Logs are a super premium log, they are long lasting and have a very high output, if used correctly in a burner they are able to give many hours of heat. They are fast becoming a popular eco log.
You can buy small "sample" amounts right up to pallet loads of our logs right here, so browse away, read some more and buy with confidence. If you want to talk then please call the number in the top right of any page.

Heat Logs or Eco Logs burn hot, this is because they have a much lower moisture level than normal wood logs. This means energy used to dry the wood as it burns is instead creating additional heat that you then get the benefit of.  The dryness means no spitting, no crackles or pops, and a nice flame on top. The ash left in your pan after one of our eco log burns is minimal, again partly due to the low moisture higher heat burn, and also because there are no binders, no sap, nothing there to really leave a mess.
               Our heat logs are 100% UK made, the timber comes from UK sources so you can be assured you are buying British. The wood used is all clean waste wood and joinery leftovers. The environmental footprint of our eco logs is lower than many of the imported woods and heat logs you can find on the internet or local superstores. For more information or to browse our products please use the links on our website. Feel free to get in touch either by phone or via our contact form, we will reply as quickly as possible.

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The Fuel Of The Future, Today...


* 1 Working day delivery service applies to UK mainland only, not highlands and Islands. Also not applicable to pallet orders which are normally 4 - 5 working days.
* Service is not guaranteed

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